Vernissage in Panora Cinema, 18:00 – 22:00 on 5th of February

Moderna Museet, 9th of Februrary – 9th of March

– EXILE Exhibition will take place from 5th – 21st of February in Panora Cinema.
Beside the “Exilfilmfestivalen Malmö” ,we will present an artistic exhibition by artists from different countries whose works are done by various media such as drawing, painting, performance and video art. The reason is that we believe that artists who are somehow connected to the theme of exile do not limit themselves only to the medium of cinema but they creatively use any kind of artistic mediums to express their feelings, desperations, hopes and other statements about exile both inside and outside their home country.
Artists who participate in this project are based on different countries such as Sweden, Franc, Iran, Colombia and Afghanistan.

“Exilfilmfestivalen Malmö” with the theme of “Borderless Minds” will be held from 9th until 14th of February 2016 .
However,the opening of the artistic exhibition will be on 5th of February in the main hall of the Panora Cinema and will continue until 21st of February.
The exhibition will also present some of the selected videos in the Modern Museum Café in Malmö and this section will be from 9th of February till 9th of March.
The opening of the film festival will be in Doc Lounge on 9th and continue in Iranska Kulturhuset and Panora Cinema (12,13,14 ) in Malmö.
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Exil Filmfestivalen går av stapeln 12-14 februari på Panora men tjuvstartar redan till helgen med utställningen Exile i biografens foajé. En samling konstnärer som utifrån det gränslösa temat exil arbetat i olika konstformer och medier och vars verk flyttar in på Panora 5-21 februari. Välkommen på vernissage på fredag!


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Open Call:

This OPEN CALL is connected to the Exhibition and is to ask the Visual Artists that are currently living and working in Sweden to send us their art works with the theme of “Exile”.
We believe that Exile can happen even in your own home country…

The Artists could be either Swedish or not ( but SHOULD live in Sweden)
The Mediums could be Drawings,Paintings,Etching,Photography and Video Installation(less that 5 minutes and in a Loop).

The deadline is 18 of DECEMBER and the Exhibition will take place in Mid February .

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Send the images of your works to :