The Land Between

78 min | Documentary | 2014 | David Fedele |
Country: France | Australia | Morocco | Spain
Language: English | French


The Land B‌etween offers an intimate insight into the hidden lives of Sub-Saharan African migrants living in the mountains of northern Morocco. For most, their dream is to enter Europe by jumping a highly-militarized barrier into Melilla, a Spanish enclave on the African continent. With unique and unprecedented access, this film documents the everyday life of these migrants trapped in limbo, as well as the extreme violence and constant mistreatment they face on a daily basis from both the Moroccan and Spanish authorities. It also explores many universal questions; including how and why people are prepared to risk everything, including their life, to leave their country, their family and friends, in search of a new and better life.

Shoulder the Lion

1:14:00 min – Documentary| 2014 |Erinnisse & Patryk Rebisz |
Language: English

Using stories of three artists who haveshoulder the lion lost a sense defining their art, this visual essay explores meaning of images, fragility of memories and desire for relevance in today’s world. A photographer, who is blind, questions the power of images in today’s image saturated culture. Forced to give up his dream of playing music due to his hearing loss, musician must reinvent his future. A painter, who was the inspiration for the Academy Award winning film “Million Dollar Baby,” searches for her place in life unsure of what she should be to the world. The film attempts to ask what it takes for someone to keep on going in times of uncertainty, and uses unique film form to produce the answers.

Cantonese rice

50:19 min – Documentary, feature | 2015 |Mia Ma |

Language: Chinese,French| English subtitles

My eyes may have the Chinese slant, but I speak French, not Chinese. My Cantonese grandmother loves French cheese but not the language. We both live in Paris. Our mutual interpreter is my oft-reluctant father. And so I set out to meet other Chinese immigrants – people of different languages and backgrounds. It has allowed to me to give some sense to being deprived of my father’s mother tongue.

Profession: Documentarist

80 min – Documentary | 2014 |Sepideh Abtahi, Shirin Barghnavard, Mina Keshavarz, Firouzeh Khosrovani, Nahid Rezaei, Sahar Salahshoor, Farahnaz Sharifi |

Language: Persian |English subtitles

profession_documentarist__iranian_cinemaIn this absorbing film, seven independent woman Iranian documentary makers take us into their personal and professional world, in an Iran that continues to be punctured by political, social and economic crises. What becomes clear over seven autobiographical chapters, is that choosing to become a documentary maker in Iran is a brave decision, often placing your liberty in danger. These women are driven by the need to document their world, and the forces that continue to restrict their movement and freedom. Whether it is making a film about department stores in Tehran featuring mannequins with severed heads and breasts, or the women singers they used to love as children, who have been banned from radio and TV since the revolution, or the huge swell of hope that comes with each election, these directors provide a rare and incisive view inside contemporary Iran, a country they continue to love, even as they will it to change.


40 min – Fiction | 2013 |John Hellberg |

Language: Swedish |English subtitles

What could be easier than robbing a small bookie place on the outskirts of town? It’s during the year’s biggest horse race event and the betting center Washington’s Tobacco looks like the ultimate hit for some fast cash. Mousse is a man of pride and principles and is fed up with living as a second-class citizen. But what happens when he faces principles different to his own?


Ai Weiwei: The Fake Case

86 min – Documentary, Drama | 2013 |Andreas Johnsen |

Language: Mandarin | English |English subtitlesaiweiwei

After 81 days of solitary detention world famous Chinese artist Ai Weiwei is put under house arrest. He suffers from sleeping disorder and memory loss, 18 cameras are monitoring his studio and home, police agents follow his every move, and heavy restrictions from the Kafkaesque Chinese authorities weigh him down. Journalists, the art world and his family all want a piece of him and on top of that he is met with a gigantic lawsuit from the Chinese government, soon to be named ‘The Fake Case’. Ai Weiwei is shaken, but during the year on probation he steadily finds new ways to provoke and challenge the mighty powers of the Chinese authorities in his fight for human rights. Ai Weiwei strongly believes that China is ready for change. And he will do everything to make it happen.


1:26:57 min – Drama | 2015 | Alessandro Quadretti |

Language: Italian| English subtitlesEspero frame 2

A man, Pietro, is shipwrecked in the middle of a nameless sea, in an undetermined time, on a boat that is not his own boat and that he can barely drive; the only company he has is a cat named Achab, he has few things to eat and little water to drink. Time passes slowly, characterised by silences and the absence of any other human being; even the on-board radio only broadcasts scratchy sounds and interference, which, during a night, are interrupted by a distant female voice singing a singsong. Pietro never gets off the boat and doesn’t enter the waters of the sea. When loneliness seems to be ineluctable, one morning he is awakened by the collision with another craft, on which he finds a man, older than him and moribund, who Pietro takes with him. Their relationship is strained and characterised by silences and suspicions, which increase when the old man, Giacomo, picks up from the sea a boy, Enea, who quickly comes into conflict with Pietro. Thus, the moment in which the violence reveals itself comes and it breaks the precarious equilibrium between the three men, until the escape of Pietro, who can’t, on the other hand, avoid coming back and facing with Giacomo, with his conscience.

Container 158

Documentary | 62 min.2013 |Stefano Liberti Enrico Parenti
Language: Italy|  English Subtitlescontainer 158

Giuseppe wakes up every day and starts looking for iron with his van. Remi is a mechanic without workshop, and he has to wait for someone bringing in a car to repair. Miriana is waiting instead for her twins to be born. Brenda would like to get a job, but she has no documents; she was born in Italy but she hasn’t got Italian citizenship. Nor her father’s country of origin, Montenegro, has granted her citizenship, as she says, he was “deleted”. Sasha, Diego, Marta, Cruis go to school every day, but they are never on time; the camp where they live is located on a remote position and the school bus is always late getting stuck in traffic. Through their stories, “Container 158” reports daily life in the “equipped camp” of via di Salone, where the Municipality of Rome has gathered more than 1000 citizens of the Roma ethnic group. Outside the Great Ring Road, far from everything and everybody.

Unveiled Views

53 min – documentary | 2008 |Alba Sotorra Clua

Language: English subtitle

unveiled viewI’ve hitchhiked from Barcelona to Pakistan to meet the five extraordinary women portrayed in this film. They talk about their occupations, aspirations, and the rights and status of women in their Muslim countries. Bosnian Alma Suljevic risks her life daily clearing the landmines near Sarajevo that are war’s deadly legacy, then sells minefield earth in European art galleries so that she can continue her work. Eren Keskin, a longtime human rights activist and lawyer with music conservatory training, fights to change Turkey’s legal practices that perpetuate violence against women. Veteran filmmaker Rakshan Bani-Ehmad, true to her credo that art must “look, observe, and discover”, frequently pushes Iran’s censorship rules to the limit. Surrounded by conflict since childhood, young Afghani writer Moshagan Saadat creates brave, profoundly moving and memorable poems. And renowned Pakistani dancer Nahid Siddiqui, once forced to live outside her homeland when her work was banned, continues to perfect, renew, and teach her art form. Captured by Spanish filmmaker Alba Sotorra, who hitchhiked from Barcelona to Pakistan to shoot Unveiled Views, these self-portraits of hope, heroism, and pride challenge conventional Western stereotypes about women in the Islamic world.


15 min – short documentary | news | 2014 | Morgan Knibbe
Country: Netherlands | Italy |
Language: Tigrigna | Italian

360 Eritrean refugees drown off the coast of Lampedusa. Chaos breaks loose at the harbor, whilst hundreds of coffins are being loaded onto a military ship.
On October 3rd, 2013, a boat carrying 500 Eritrean refugees sunk off the coast of the Italian island of Lampedusa and over 360 people drowned. Abraham, one of the survivors, walks through a graveyard of shipwrecks and remembers this nightmarish experience. Meanwhile, chaos breaks loose at the harbor, where hundreds of coffins are being loaded onto a military ship.



26 min – Documentary | Biography |2012| Canan Turan
Language: English Subtitles, German, Turkish
Region: Germany

keymetBack in the late 1960s, Kiymet became the first member of her family to migrate from Turkey to Germany. Now an elderly woman living in her native village again, she recounts her remarkable life—as a mother, activist and immigrant worker—to her granddaughter, a filmmaker who lives in Berlin.
My grandmother Kiymet Oezdemir has inspired me through her own life experience and the valuable conversations I had with her on political activism and relationships. This film is portraying how she emigrated from Turkey to Germany and how she made it through life despite the difficulties she had to face: as a wife and mother, and on a political level as a socialist. Starting with my trip to her village in Turkey the story continues in Berlin where we attend a traditional pre-wedding ceremony and the May Day demonstration. An autobiographic and self-reflexive film about the history of a family told from the perspectives of a grandmother and her granddaughter, KIYMET explores how suffering can eventually be transformed into love hope for the younger generation.

Nos Territoires (Our Land)

Janvier 2013 | 7 min | Documentary

Morning and evening, for economic reasons, border cross the border bridge between France and Switzerland. During the day, nothing: the river flows peacefully. Early twentieth century, a member of a rural community in Switzerland evokes economic difficulties and possible emigration to France. Chassé cross of the past and the present, the image and sound.


My fingers grew and stuck to the asphalt

17 Minutes – Documentary | 2011| Vida M

Belgium Language: Persian | English subtitlemyfingers

The main character tells the story of her death in voice over:
The story describes a city that is about to be poisoned by “Them”. “Them” is an unidentified group, which remains mysterious throughout the entire story. In a metaphorical way, it represents the power, the so-called leaders; those who have decided to kill the citizens.
– The main ambiguity that is raised is: why are they trying to kill the citizens?
As the story unfolds, the main character remembers her murderer. As a child, he had been her neighbor and was deeply in love with her. He later became one of the undercover militia responsible for the poisoning of the city. Coincidently, he ended up being the one chasing after her in the city.
– Why does he want to kill her? Why? Can’t they live side by side even if their ideas no longer coincide?
The film is a criticism of the non-democratic contexts in which there is no tolerance for different beliefs.

Mogadishu Dreaming

Director: Lesley Branagan | Producer: Lesley Branagan

Genre: Documentary | Produced In: 2010 | Story Teller’s Country: Australia |10 min

DreamingThrough his vivid folk art paintings, Ahmed Hagi tries to reconcile childhood memories of his homeland Somalia with its disintegration. He processes his displacement to Australia by creating an imaginary world that meshes idealised Mogadishu and Sydney landscapes. His images also allude to Somalia’s brutal political upheavals and Hagi’s personal traumas of migration, racism and illness. As Hagi recounts his life story, he demonstrates how a creative person can be thousands of miles away from their physical location in a spirited imagination.

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Under the tank

Director: Eyas Almokdad ,Orwa Almokdad

Genre: Short-Drama | Produced In: 2014 | Story Teller’s Country: Syria |10 min

In the dark and narrow streets, we were calling for freedom. The security forces chased us like rabid dogs. We ran for our lives, but not all of us survived. The camera was the only witness…”


Amir: An Afghan Refugee Musician’s Life in Peshawar, Pakistan

52min- Documentary |1985  | John Baily

amirBetween 1973 and 1977 John Baily carried out extensive ethnomusicological fieldwork on the | urban music of Afghanistan, particularly in the western city of Herat. In 1985, he traveled to Peshawar to film Afghan refugees who were musicians and again met his old friend Amir Mohammad, from Herat. The film portrays aspects of Amir’s life as a refugee – his living conditions in Peshawar and his longing to return to Herat. It is also about Amir’s life as a professional musician and his relationships with other musicians in Peshawar. Musical performances include resistance songs at a Pakistani wedding.

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20min- Documentary |2016  |Mazin M Sherabayani

Kurdish, Language: Kurdish | English subtitle

12-year-old Dyab is a Kurdish Yazidi boy living at Arbat refuge camp, after the horrendous attacks by the Islamic States on their villages at Shingal Mountains (Sinjar). However, Dyab’s dream is, to become a filmmaker and actor and tell the stories and sufferings of his people to the outside world.


Hide and Seek

23:14min- Documentary |2015 |DAVID MUÑOZ

 Language:Arabic | English subtitle

A film crew travels to Lebanon to shoot a “Hide and Seek” game film in a Syrian refugee camp.


Journey Birds

9:28min-Animation Documentary |2015 |Daphna Awadish

 Language:English, Hebrew, Spanish | English subtitle

Personal stories fuse together as man and bird in a cinematic commentary on immigration.



16:12min-Documentary |2015 | Leyla Toprak

 Language:Kurdish | English subtitle

The movie observes Kobanê war’s influences on people and nature, and also Kobanian guerilla women’s rebellion against the approach which ignores woman’s historical values in dominant social descriptions for years.

Searching for Abbas Kiarestami

12:17 min-Documentary |2015 |MALAS TWINS

 Language:Arabic, French, Persian| English subtitle

A Syrian man carries a large photo of the Iranian director Abbas Kiarestami and wanders in the streets of Paris to ask the passers-by the address of him. He wants him to talk about the Syrian revolution to his government. He heads to the Iranian embassy, subways and coffee shops but gets no answer.



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Not too early, not too late

7:30min-Fiction |2015 |Miraz Bezar

12-year-old, Devrim and his best friend Joshua are always looking for new adventures. In their imagination, they survive icy tundras and even alien invasions. But sometimes there’s a fine line between fantasy and reality. A story about friendship as well as the wonder and innocence of childhood.

Not too early, not too late

Akan’s video testimony

26:29min-Documentary |2015 |Shadi Amin

 Language:Persian | English subtitle

Although horrific, Akan’s Testimony is a typical example of the life of all LGBT Iranians. 6Rang (Iranian Lesbian and Transgender Network) releases a video of Akan’s story of rejection, social pressure, and eventual escape. The film shows the life of stigma faced by Iranians whose gender or sexual identity falls outside of a strict binary.In the case of Akan, this meant severe parental pressure to live as a girl and to love boys, constant harassment from authorities to wear a headscarf, and an attempt to “solve” the problem of Akan’s identity with an arranged marriage. At school, teachers imposed isolation: “They said I would corrupt other students and that I should not have any contact with them.” The combined effects of anti-LGBT prejudice led to three suicide attempts. “We believe the only way to change the situation of many Iranian transgender individuals like Akan is attempting to abolish the laws which criminalise same sex relationships and do not tolerate any gender expression which does not comply with heteronormative norms.” said Shadi Amin, Co-coordinator of 6Rang.


13:47 min-Documentary |2014 |Tim Ellrich

 Language:German | English subtitle

Conflicted with his fathers sexuality Adel tries to find his own tolerance in a traditional world.


Sending Said Home

27:47 min-Fiction |2014 |Amine Sabir

Language:French | English subtitle

Informed of the death of his friend Saïd, Abdelkrim arrives in Corsica in France. He must repatriate the body as soon as possible to Saïd’s family in Morocco for burial.


Sweet Home

14:53 min-Fiction |2014 |Nuno Baltazar

In an abandoned prison complex, without any basic conditions, a man survives like a wild animal. When his security and tranquility are threatened, he resorts to violence to defend his home. Later, confined to a small room without access to the outside world, he longs to return to his cell where he feels safe and free.



14:37 min-Fiction |2014 |Jonay García

Language:Spanish | English subtitle

José is an outdated man with an outdated business. His store, a techinal support which made him feel alive in the past, is about to close. One of his last working days José is visited by a mysterious customer.