“Exilfilmfestivalen Malmö” is a collaboration between ISS (Iranian-Swedish solidarity Association) and International Exile film Festival in Gothenburg which both are non-profit organizations. The goal is to give the Öresund region (Copenhagen, Malmö) its own adaptation of The Exile Film Festival. The project is funded by Malmö city Culture council.
The films screened in the festival are either made by filmmakers in exile, films that are banned in the countries where they were produced, films on the theme of exile and films treating uncomfortable current subjects.

The goal of the festival is to be a link between the audience and exile filmmakers and artists, to give these artists the opportunity to find a new platform and new audience and raise an understanding among the audience of what, exile, oppression and exclusion can mean.

The first “Exilfilmfestivalen Malmö” was held in 2013 and was well received by the media and the audience, and our guest directors Sahra Karimi and Arash Riahi where intertwined by Swedish morning papers and national TV.
The 2016 “Exilfilmfestivalen Malmö” “borderless Minds” will be held between the 12-14th of February in the newly opened Panora Cinema in Malmö. During 3 days there will be film screenings, art exhibition, workshops and Q&As, in different places in Malmö.

Beside the films we will present during the festival, we would like to have an artistic expo made by various mediums such as drawing, painting and video art. The reason is that we believe that artists who are somehow connected to the theme of exile do not limit themselves only to the medium of cinema but they use any kind of artistic mediums to express their feelings, desperation’s, hopes and statements.
That is why we strongly believe that an artistic expo with the theme of exile will have a great impression on the visitors of the festival and will open their minds to more aspects of the phenomenon of exile.
We actually put the same effort on the section of art expo than the section of films thus it is very important for us to have an appropriate space to show the art works.